Monday, August 22, 2005

"Webber Brothers present..."

Around 1959, Andrew Lloyd Webber published his first composition - "The Toy Theatre Suite".

Upon doing a little research, I found this information behind the choice of subject...
In 1959, Andrew composed from 6 short pieces already existing - the "Toy Theatre Suite" - as opus 1, "The Toy Theatre"; excerpts were published in a British music magazine...Building their own toy theatre, Andrew wrote and directed, while his brother Julian moved, under Andrew's direction, the characters. Andrew at the same time, played music written by him. His love for the theatre was stimulated by his Aunt Viola Johnstone Crosby, an actress, who took along the young Andrew regularly to the London theatre's West End...

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  1. Just can't believe this!!! It is SO exciting!! Anybody have more details on the source if information and, better yet, where to find a copy of the musical score? My fiddle is itching to give it a try!!!