Friday, August 19, 2005

Pollock Memories: David Vaughan

For my tenth birthday, seventy years ago, he took me to H.J. Webb's shop in Old Street, where I bought my first set of scenes and characters, for Robin Hood. That shop closed soon afterward, but Benjamin Pollock's shop in Hoxton continued to sell plays published by him. It was the kind of shop that sold licorice and bootlaces, hairpins and stationery, but in the back there were still the lithograph stones from which the sheets were printed, and they were still hand-painted by the Misses Pollock, the late Mr. Pollock's daughters, and sold at the same price of "a penny plain, and twopence coloured."
David Vaughan recalls how his "Uncle Cecil" introduced him to the world of Toy Theatre, and how it has followed him down through his life even to this day. One enthusiast's perspective and insights makes fascinating reading...

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  1. Hello exciting to hear from you!! I, too, well remember the first time I entered Pollocks Toy Theatre Museum. The Fawdrys owned it by this time and it had been moved to Scala Street. That was about 10 years ago and Margaret Fawdry sold me the first group of theatres and plays to bring back to the US to share with folks here. I returned at least once a year ever since and became close friends of Barry Clarke and Gabrielle Warden who were in charge. The last time I was there, I FINALLY talked Barry into performing for my video camera and we took all the children who were in the store at the time upstairs to a wonderful room that was set up for such activities. Everyone was thrilled with Barry's performance of "Blackbeard"!! We will be seeing him perform again in October at the Webb Fest near London along with many other prominent Toy Theatre performers. See the Events Listing on ourtoy theatre site for details. Hope to hear from you again...Gigi Sandberg