Saturday, April 25, 2015

Zach Dorn: Ordinary is Extraordinary

Tonight only, artist Zach Dorn deploys his Toy Theater show — 21st Century style — at Studio@620. In his An Excruciatingly Ordinary Toy Theater Show, Dorn - a recent grant recipient from the Jim Henson Foundation - moves digital cameras through toy-sized streets peopled with paper puppets, all to dramatize tales about a lonely puppeteer stalking the child of notorious celebrities, a ghost who bugs a little boy, and an opera-singing landlord who refuses to return a security deposit.

Dorn describes his tiny productions this way:  "Miniature Curiosa explores the underbelly of childhood nostalgia with the disappointed eyeballs of adulthood. Through low-fi technology, puppetry, toy theater, live-projection, and non-linear storytelling, Miniature Curiosa presents fast-moving, fast-talking, sometimes malfunctioning, live-action comic books. This is not the theater. This is the living room of an overzealous magician who doesn't know any tricks."