Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toy Theatre Adaptions

I discovered a blog whose creator has been EXTREMELY talented in creating adaptions of famous literary works, for the toy theatre...simply marvelous!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


In the spirit of Christmas, I offer this link to a video of a 2002 production of Dick Whittington.

Now I fully admit as an American I was totally ignorant of this until recently, but was delighted to watch it. What fun!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Corsican Brothers DVD Reviews

During the recent Thanksgiving holidays in the States, I received the Corsican Brothers DVD in the post. I have finally found the time to view it, and I must say, it was a thrill for this toy theatre novice! It was one of the first toy theatre productions she has ever seen in full, and although nontraditional in presentation (not 'live', etc.), it was a real treat for me.

What are others saying about this particular production? Read on!
...just received my copy of the DVD and although I was concerned about it playing here in Texas, it did, and I might add beautifully. One should also note that this is the full toy theatre script not the cut down version put out by Pollock's in 1974. The extras are great. All together a great job Nigel and well worth the wait.

...If there is anyone in the group who has not seen Nigel Peever's DVD of The Corsican Brothers, run to eBay and buy your copy. I just bought a second one for a Xmas gift. It is that good! A must. Kudos to Nigel and to Peter Baldwin for the excellent intro.

...The Corsican Brothers DVD arrived yesterday. I have watched it tonight and must congratulate you on a very professional production. Walter Elias Disney would have been proud to put his name to such an exciting production. I cannot believe you have only sold eleven copies of this unique DVD; actually you have now sold twelve copies as I have just purchased my second copy. This DVD deserves to reach a much wider audience, not just Toy Theatre enthusiasts.