Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Maker Spotlight: Studio Schaapman & Mouse Mansion!

Studio Schaapman is a family business, consisting of Karina Schaapman and her children, Tom, Ian, Manita, and Lili. They are the creators of the children’s book seriesMouse Mansion (translated into 25 languages).

In the books, they use detailed miniature settings they build themselves that can now be admired at their Amsterdam Muizenhuis (or Mousehouse) shop. At the back of the shop is their studio where they create their mouse worlds, and where visitors can look inside. People often ask questions about the inspiration, design, and construction of the mouse mansions.

In the Mouse Mansion shop & studio you can:
  • Marvel at the Mouse Mansion sets built for the books, including the harbor, funfair, circus, and theatre
  • See how they are built and ask the makers questions
  • Listen to audio books and read all the Mouse Mansion books
  • Browse around the shop for Mouse Mansion goodies
  • Children can color while parents can take a seat to read to their child

Studio Schaapman even provides video tutorials for those who want to build their own mouse houses!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Iconic Model Theatre Needs Good Home!

  Incredible infrastructure!  Wiring, controls, lighting, spotlights, fades - you name it, it has it...

A few weeks ago I was contacted by email about a Model Theatre that is looking for a good home. The model is described as a Model Cinema/Theatre with revolving stage. Cine films can be shown through the back wall of the Model if required. There is only one theatre with a revolving stage that comes to mind, and that is the London Palladium. Although sadly, the revolve was removed some years ago when the Theatre was bought by the Really Useful Group owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I am not sure if this is a scale model of the Palladium itself. The gentleman who made it was a Mr. Sam Witham, from Reading. He was a member of the then, Reading Society of Model and Experimental Engineers. He won First Prize with his Model in 1951.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

X-Men Wolverine as a Puppet

Australian star Hugh Jackman, well-known for his role as Wolverine, was recently in Taiwan to promote the film Logan. At a press conference there, he was given a Taiwanese glove puppet in the likeness of his X-Men character from the film company, 20th Century Fox. Jackman said he will treasure the amazing gift forever, and will have to find a way to keep it away from his children.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

A Portrait of the Puppet Master as a Young Man

Barnaby Dixon is a very talented young man, with an innate ability to create both visually (puppets) and orally (character voices), as well as write/ad lib some VERY funny stories for his puppets. Check his videos out to see for yourself...