Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Iconic Model Theatre Needs Good Home!

  Incredible infrastructure!  Wiring, controls, lighting, spotlights, fades - you name it, it has it...

A few weeks ago I was contacted by email about a Model Theatre that is looking for a good home. The model is described as a Model Cinema/Theatre with revolving stage. Cine films can be shown through the back wall of the Model if required. There is only one theatre with a revolving stage that comes to mind, and that is the London Palladium. Although sadly, the revolve was removed some years ago when the Theatre was bought by the Really Useful Group owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I am not sure if this is a scale model of the Palladium itself. The gentleman who made it was a Mr. Sam Witham, from Reading. He was a member of the then, Reading Society of Model and Experimental Engineers. He won First Prize with his Model in 1951.

Dimensions of the model are: Height 86cm. Width 50cm. Depth 75cm. Below are further photos, with contact information at bottom.

One of the control boards as it was being constructed

If there are any Model Theatre enthusiasts who could give this iconic model a good home, then please contact Mr. Witham's grandson, Simon Gumm.

His details are: sginstallations@hotmail.com 02380 436398 or mobile 07917 673934

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