Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Magic of Joseph Hope-Williams

Upon my journey in toy theatre education, I recently stumbled across the site of Joseph Hope-Williams, one of only a handful of people alive who still know the art of creating a tinsel print by hand. I decided I had to have one!

I chose the "Black Brandon" print, placed my order, and anxiously awaited. A mere few weeks later, it recently arrived, and I was amazed! Looking at the back was as interesting as looking at the front. I had no idea, truly, what goes into making such a creation. The time and skill involved, let alone the patience. My hats off to Mr. Hope-Williams, and thank you for sharing your gift of making the past alive in the present...

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  1. Trish....am delighted to see that you are reintroducing Tinseling to Toy Theatre. It was such an exciting old feature and, of course, now ....any of those old prints are worth a fortune!!! I would like to do some of this on some of my figures but am hoping that soneone can suggest an easier way to do this using some of today's new materials. I think I have the patience to do the method that is described in Mr. Hopes website (available under Sources on Toytheatre.info)....but I fear that my failing eyesight and steadiness of hand is going to hinder me Can anyone help?