Sunday, February 06, 2011

Exhibition Feedback

"The Wedding Supper", somehow I want to call it the "Last Supper"!
How many celebrities can YOU identify?
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I recently wrote about an exhibition that uses toy theatre in a very fun, inventive, and stimulating manner. It opened last weekend.  One of the individuals behind the exhibition, Bren O'Callaghan, wrote to share some images from the exhibition (see below) and these kind comments...
Dear Trish

Thanks so much for getting in touch about my exhibition, apologies it has taken until now but I was consumed with the final few days of preparation and then had to take a few days off!

Please find attached two images of each theatre should you wish to use these on your site.

Thanks also for the lovely blog post, you seem to have the hang of the purpose behind the work - building upon the seed of an idea first proposed by TV comedian Harry Hill, actually the alter-ego of artist Matthew Hall. I picked up the baton of the earlier challenge so to speak, and decided to interpret Cruikshank's mammoth painting by selecting key vignettes from within the larger whole. I wanted to retain the sense of caricature and retreating fields of depth, which is why I turned to the form of toy theatres, and I glad I did because I've loved every moment of this project - even though it was hard work at times!

Best regards,


David Bailey

Laura Barnard

Charlotte Gould and Hannah Gibson

Simon Misra

Gemma Parker

John Powell-Jones

The exhibition is ongoing through February 27th.
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