Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Animation Resource

I ran across what I thought was a traditional toy theatre, but soon realized it was virtual.  "Whatever created this, is good," I thought.  I asked the website's creator to share a bit about the software used...

iClone is a 3D animation software. Up until now that sort of 3D software was expensive and slow. It took days or even weeks to build up the frames needed for a final animation. It had to place each and every pixel on the screen and work out how to bounce each and every ray of light off the scene. But iClone does all that instantly, because it uses a videogame engine and the user's PC gaming graphics-card to do all the heavy-lifting required to make a 3D animation. It's affordable too, and very usable - a lot of its content is drag-and-drop. My Alice Theater can be animated quite easily. There's a free version of iClone, iClone Ex, if people want to try it out.
Still from "Alice" toy theatre animation, created with iClone

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