Wednesday, May 21, 2014

David Worobec: One-Man Show

The hand of David Worobec enters from stage left at Tophat Toy Theater, –a DIY dinner-theater experience
in a townhouse on Portland's West End– during a recent performance of "Les Miserables." Worobec - a
one-man theater troupe - sang all the parts while simultaneously manipulating about 45 toy characters,
running the lights and music cues, and changing sets that were designed by his mother, Polly Plimpton.

David Worobec is a very talented young man. Only 25, he has created single-handedly a theater company, built the theater, created sets for several productions, designed them all, cast and created all the characters, does all the lighting, directing, props, etc., plus plays all the parts and does all the singing. How does he do it? Find out, in this revealing and fascinating article!

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