Sunday, June 16, 2013

GSW10: Opening Weekend

The Great Small Works' 10th International Toy Theatre Festival (or GSW10 for short) has begun.

The first day's weather was pretty 'soggy', shall we say, making it a challenge for those still bringing their theatres and sundry, to get them to St. Ann's Warehouse high and dry!

In fact, PPTC festival reporter Tess Elliott had her own adventure in her attempt to get to the venue opening night:

Tonight has turned into a disaster. I left early to add some set pieces I forgot, and within a block of the theater the wind kicked up, blew my poncho into my face, and an SUV merrily slammed through the giant puddle that covered an entire lane. I was soaked solid from rib cage to the inside of my shoes. I turned around, went home, and emailed Emmy Bean the museum director and told her I had to go back home. Felt like a drowned rat wearing a giant prophylactic...

Poor Tess!  In the meantime, here are some photos from the opening day to feast your eyes on!

UPDATE: Tess got in late, but shared this LATE last night...
I am now truly immersed in the toy theater world. Saw 12 shows. [When am I gonna write about them, Trish!] The parade was fantastic and I will try to download some pictures but I have to be back out there at 11am (Sunday/today) and JUST GOT HOME. Worked furiously upon arrival today to dress the set of the Nemo Theater and it looks great. I did not get all the balconies done on the Italian Toy Theater, and will have to put the rest on when it comes home...Lots of wonderful shows tonight. Met a lot of people serving the punch but some of the audience regulars at the last Festival weren't at this one today. It's a done deal that I must learn doing the puppets myself. It is one wacky and amusing world, most younger than me--but a few old master puppeteers. It took two energy bars to keep me going today.
Not only is she an audience member, not only is she a reporter on the event, but she is also an artist/performer.  Better pack more energy bars, Tess!

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