Sunday, October 07, 2012

Upcoming Special Performance

From the Benjamin Pollocks Toy Shop:  The poster for Peter Baldwin's toy theatre performance next Sunday - tickets still available - you can pay at the door but a reservation is advisable.

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  1. My goodness that reminds me! I keep forgetting to tell you!

    You may want to announce on your blog that in Oxford, the current Bodleian Library exhibit about Dickens features an original Toy Theatre (as this was one of his hobbies) from the Victorian times. It is the very same theatre that you can get from Pollocks (I cant remember which theatre it is though) and they have set up the Oliver Twist play that you can still buy now.

    On top of that, in the small shop near the exhibit room, they're selling a brand new Toy Theatre version of Great Expectations, I have a feeling this is probably the same one :)

    Its been on for a while (I discovered it in August) but it'll be going until the end of October, so I guess still worth mentioning for anyone in the UK!