Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dollmaker Extraordinaire

The two Alices on their Wonderland toy theatre stage...
Rebeca Cano makes amazing dolls, yes, but she makes much more than dolls.  She makes an entire world for her dolls down to the smallest, most exquisite detail.  It is truly a joy to behold.

"...she came upon a low curtain she
has not noticed before..."

Before she began making dolls, Rebeca had never sewn.  Hard to believe when you see the incredible miniature clothing and other textiles she creates.  She is mostly self-taught, which I greatly admire.  Inspiration can be a powerful motivator.

Right now, she has a sale on, of a toy theatre tableaux featuring her favorite story character, Alice in Wonderland.  It is an ongoing project of hers...
The project is designed to be exhibited in a museum of contemporary art, as yet undefined.  All my dolls have their origins in a tale that I believe; I like to give soul to my dolls, and that is why I started in this world.
You can read more about Rebeca here and see more of your dolls here...


  1. Rebeca Cano11:51 PM

    thank you very much for publishing! it looks fantastic in your blog

  2. David and MyClone11:55 PM

    Hi, you were kind enough to feature my Alice Theater for iClone, a while back. It is now available as a new print-ready digital scrapbooking kit at Deviant Scrap, for those who prefer making layouts to animations....