Sunday, January 30, 2011

Toy Theatre Influence: Flash Menu

Still shot from interactive flash menu, featuring toy theater-like graphics
[Click to enlarge...]
I was introduced to a magical place yesterday.  The worlds it shares takes you beyond the mundane.  It is a magical place where you forget about things like homework, jobs, or bills, and your imagination can run wild.  It calls itself  "...a studio for the imagination."

Take their website, for instance.  When you arrive, you're immersed in a virtual world of castles and ships, hot air balloons and kites, with a road full of travelers coming and going.  If you move your cursor to the left or the right, the scene moves in that direction, and you are introduced to new landscapes, peoples, and goings on.  Visitors will discover that the scenes are, in actual fact, a very clever and fun interactive menu system, featuring toy theatre-like graphics.

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