Monday, May 10, 2010

GSW Toy Theatre Festival

Talk about exciting!

Great Small Works' just announced the lineup for their ninth International Toy Theater Festival running May 30th to June 13th, once again being held at the magnificant St. Anne's Warehouse. The festival's subtitle is very appropriately called "A Colossal Event of Miniature Proportions!"

GSW has been slowly building one of the most world-class festivals anywhere, and it all centers around the wonderful world of toy theatre. I also appreciate that they allow for a wide interpretation within the genre, encouraging not only tradition but experimentation. There is room for both, in my humble opinion.

At front and center this year, is an installation called KAMP...
In Kamp, Holland's Hotel Modern attempts to imagine the unimaginable. An enormous scale model of Auschwitz fills the stage, brought to life by thousands of 3” tall handmade puppets enacting the greatest mass murder in history, committed in a purpose-built city. The actors move through the set like giant war reporters, filming the horrific events with miniature cameras; the audience becomes the witness.


  1. Do you ever get to go to the Festival? I have a toy theatre in it this year. Have been reading your blog quite awhile, but am getting more sociable at last. Love your collections of images and open viewpoint about toy theatre. I plan to hit every single program this year! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Thanks for the kinds words, Tess. Alas, I cannot get there, and there is little chance I ever will. I'm like most Americans, living from paycheck to paycheck on fairly fixed income, and am located in far north of rural Minnesota. But even people like me up here appreciate toy theatre. You never know where we might pop up! ;) I'd love to hear back from you later on what you see...feel free to email me directly with what you find out when you're there. I'm always open to reporters at large. I love living vicariously :)

  3. Hi! I know exactly what you mean! I worked in off-Broadway theater for 30 years until it almost disappeared after 9/11. I scraped by for three years selling my work--I also do traditional art, too--but I have had to dip into my IRA to keep my head above water. Am working on the possibility of creating a real toy theater toy with some businessmen, but if this doesn't pan out it will be time for find a job somewhere a masters in fine arts would be helpful. Am 60 this Sept. and I will literally be throwing myself into this Festival. Will have lots of pictures, and some video with my wee point and shoot (it does good video). Will keep you in touch with everything. Wish you could be here! I did some pictures and one video at the Queens Museum of Art of the Great Small Works set designs all around the panorama room. I am not sure how to send you pictures and video.

  4. Sounds wonderful. I look forward to hearing from you with any video, photos, and commentary you can provide. Break a leg with your toy theatre at the festival, and best of luck! :)