Friday, October 09, 2009

Little Blue Moon Theatre

I was doing an internet search for my friends, George and Ann Neff, and came across your blog on toy theatre, then followed to your Victorian Sex Machine blog. It seemed like you might be interested in our work, which kind of combines both (in some way.) We do erotic toy theatre. Our company, Little Blue Moon Theatre, began in an aphrodisiac factory 6 or so years ago. I have found that the static nature of toy theatre figures make them perfect candidates for bondage, something I didn't realize until a friend pointed out that most of our shows involve bondage...I realized that they don't move anyway, which makes it perfect for them.

Anyway, just thought you might enjoy looking at our site, since we don't ever seem to get to Fargo.

Best to you,

Michael & Valerie Nelson
Magical Moonshine Theatre

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