Friday, July 17, 2009

Zoya Holds Court

I posted here recently about some amazing puppets created by Brian Flavin, based on characters created by a friend of mine, Vanesa. Her ultimate goal was to recreate them all in life-size versions.

Well this week she added another life-size version to her growing collection, for the character of Zoya. As with the others, Zoya is rather special, having not just eyes and mouth, ears and hair, even hands and feet complete with nails, but also detailed (and functional) genitalia.1

Full Credits

Conceptual Design: Vanesa Littlecrow Wojtanowicz and Gypsy-Maria Lorimer
Construction and Technical Design: Brian Flavin

The saga of their construction from the very beginning can be seen here.

1 -I have no idea how or if that will enter into any performance, but I'd love to find out sometime...!


  1. Trish,

    Thank you again for the article. Here's Gypsy's site, if you're curious:

    As soon as all the puppets are done, my next step is to create Real Dolls based on them with animatronic components. Call me obsessed, because it is true.


  2. Personally, I love how you are obsessed with this...I look forward to learning more, if you do so...