Saturday, November 08, 2008

George & Ann Neff

I recently heard from George & Ann Neff, two individuals very active in toy theatre and other associated endeavors...
We do the "other" puppets, too. The winter and spring were spent coming up with a new script and puppets for our faux Sicilian rod marionette presentation. And we have also been developing a circus hand puppet show for outdoor fairs and such. Our last circus booking was on July 22, and we needed a rest and to get caught up somewhat on house and yard tasks.

And now we have agreement to do Stephen Langdale's Nativity at our Episcopal church for a Service of Lessons and Carols the Sunday before Christmas. Jon Bankert constructed and used to perform that play. And we hope to go to Holland this coming May. So we are back in toy theatre exclusively at the moment.

Oh, and in February, we also did a 2 week residency over a month with a nearby Quaker school. The entire third grade class researched, designed, created and performed a hand puppet show on "The Underground Railroad". That was rewarding! We did offer a toy theatre workshop at their summer camp, but it did not get enrollees.
Sounds like they've been quite busy. It's folks like the Neffs that carry the torch and help expose new generations to the wonders of puppetry, particularly toy theatre...

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