Sunday, December 03, 2006

Commission Toy Theatre Update #5 - Teaser!

From Ann Neff comes the following teasers; by the way, the theatre is on its way to me in the mail (excitement does not begin to describe it...!)
This not the final formal portrait, but I couldn't keep you totally in suspense. This how the Redington will be pasted on. Of course, there is the tip piece, too.
By the way, that Reddington she is using is a high quality photo copy I had sent to Ann to use while designing and building the theatre, and is not the copy I will be using to color and mount on the frame.

If you click on the image (or any of the images in this post), they will open up larger; if you look closely at this one, you will notice the little holes for the footlights!

Here we see the toy theatre in its collapsed form; it was made this way purposely for two reasons - I live in a small apartment, and storage comes at a premium, and also for convenience when travelling with it.

Note that the main part of the stage is reversible so it can be used with or without grooves.
And here is Ann's husband, George Neff - tester (This morning, husband George and the German automechanic neighbor George took my instructions on a trial run. With papers in hand, they put the whole thing together right from the box! I needed to add a few more comments -"Make sure you have removed everything from the base box before you fasten the stage floor down", etc.), but the instructions appear to do the trick...) - packing the theatre up to send on its way to me...

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