Wednesday, October 04, 2006

UCSD Paper Theatre Exhibition

I recently became aware of another event dedicated to the toy theatre. It is an exhibition held annually at the University of California San Diego's Library, part of their Arts Libraries Events.

I contacted them for more information, and received a reply from Scott Paulson, their Outreach Coordinator (a toy theatre enthusiast himself!), and this is what Scott shared...
We have an annual paper theatre festival here at the UCSD Arts Libraries (I'm a paper theatre enthusiast and I snuck this event into the Arts Libraries outreach programming). Associated with the festival is a big exhibit of paper theatres (it's actually my big collection of paper theatres) and at this festival we perform new & original paper theatre shows. It's usually in August, but we recently switched months...

Now we do our exhibit in Dec/Jan and the live performance day, this year is Wed. Dec 13 at lunchtime...(sometimes we have eight to twelve performance days---this year just one...).

We make the audience read parts and help with sound effects....we have a live band of toy instruments as the pit orchestra. It's a very popular event.
I bet it is, Scott! I'd love to attend, but since I cannot, I encourage those of you who may be reading this, if you're in the San Diego area between November 28 and January 30, be sure and check it out.