Thursday, August 03, 2006

Commission Toy Theatre Update #4

Just in from Ann...
Speaking of woodworking, we have been spending time on your theatre. It took George three tries, but we now have a satisfactory (i.e perfect, square, etc.) grooved floor out of solid wood. (Which can be turned over and used as a flat floor.) And new split floor pieces, and new sides and stabilizers and taller uprights. All in the interests of a "satisfactory" result, with your final modifications - the grooved floor, the grain of wheat footlight holes and the roller curtain. Basically, I have to screw everything together and shellac. Again. And build the box from sturdy cardboard.

We opted to use power tools to get everything just right this time. (I'll try almost anything.) So George, the husband, lent a hand, and we used the equipment over at the college. It was neat to learn how to use a lathe to drill the holes for the crank and screw on the roller curtain dowel dead on square. And watch how to set a great big table saw to get the saw cuts at the front of the sides on the right angle for the bent orchetra front. The orchestra and proscenium fronts did not have to be remade or adjusted at all. Which was the toughest part, to begin with.
Ann asked how I was coming along with the Sweeney, and I responded...
It's slow going on coloring the Sweeney. I have so limited time, and I must admit, I am a bit nervous never having done this before! The paper they had to use at the printer is alas not watercolor but it is very sturdy AND took the ink very well and brilliantly clear on the enlarged (130%) copies of the original sheets. I am using Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, and Prismacolor Premier watercolor pencils which you can use wet with a brush to create interesting effects (which I'll be learning how to do on the fly!)

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