Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pollocks @ French Toy Theatre Festival

The exquisite colors of the toy theatres are amazing...Louise from Pollock's Toy Shop sent along some additional photos of their exhibits at the Spring Decorative Arts & Textiles Fair they participated in recently. She went on to say...
It was a large space to fill for a subject that usually likes a more domestic setting but it was well received by the organisers of the fair and its visitors. It documented the history with framed pictures and prints of Benjamin Pollock and his work as well that of his contemporaries and the Victorian Toy theatre up to the present day with its revival (from the 1940s by Keen, Fawdry and Baldwin).

Among the theatres on show was a restored Skelt theatre which appe ars on the cover of George Speaights book. The display was peppered with to scale Pollocks 'furniture' taken from original scenes and complementing the furniture fair nicely.
A very suave and debonair-looking Peter Baldwin, at the recent Spring Fair exhibition...

The collection of framed tinsel portraits was up for sale and all that remained unsold will be taken by Peter [Baldwin] to Mourmelon in France for the auction (11th - 14th May)

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