Friday, April 14, 2006

Commission Toy Theatre Update #2

Ann sent some tantalizing (and amusing) updates yesterday on the progress of the toy theatre she has been building for me...
I am about to go out and give your theatre the shellacking of it's life! Everything else is done except for a cover for the footlight hole. (Middle of the night last night, 'the voice' said - "you really ought to figure out how to put something in that hole until she gets footlights. It looks less spectacular than the rest of the thing.")

The Grrip glued worked wonderfully, the proscenium pieces went together just right. George figured out how to make the hasp gizmos work, so the proscenium comes apart and lays flat easily, and I figured out just how to attach the proscenium to the theatre base. The orchestra piece is covered in muslin, same as the front, and I put a back on the base "box". Pictures will be taken tonight. (And we will try very hard not to send such huge files. New camera, new software. Learning curve.)

Next step is to make a parts list, and instructions for you for putting the theatre all back together when it arrives. And I have to make a crate (only kidding, a box) in which to ship this creation. I have been debating whether to put a bottom on the theatre base, to give you a "right side up box" to store everything in. Or you could just use the shipping box. The plan is to use hardboard for the bottom, which will add to the shipping weight. What do you think?
Later in the day, she writes again...
More news as we get close to "done". Any statement like, "It shouldn't take long to shellac the parts of the theatre." is erroneous.

Sand, then wipe, then dilute the shellac, then brush it on, then it dries, and one sands, wipes and shellacs, undiluted, again. Took most of the day. All the pieces are hanging by their little bolt holes on hooks bent from wire coat hangers on our hand puppet stage frame. I would like to get a shot of that, if George gets close enough to getting the taxes done to swing free to take pictures.

Went down to the lumber store, and they cut me a piece of thin hardboard to the right size for the bottom, and cut our piece of luan for a new floor (we buy a big piece, and then take it back when we know what size we want cut, and they cut it for free!). I just wasn't satisfied with my cut of the curve for the front, and I would like the floor to overhang the back piece. So now I have to shape the floor once again. This time I WILL get it perfect. All of the instructions for you are written in long hand, I just have to type them into the computer. I can type fast enough. And there is a bit more little stuff, while the shellac dries on the new floor. (p.s., the lumber store would like to see the theatre before I ship it off. They are quite intriqued!)
Glad to hear you're writing me instructions, Ann...Lord knows I'll need it, greenhorn that I am!

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