Monday, January 16, 2006

The New Automata Makers

Peter Meder is an amazing man. His website is one of my favorite stops on the Information Highway.

He's a descendent (figuratively speaking) of a long line of persons who for the rest of us might as well be magicians, because of the magic they seem to produce through the use of mechanics and technology. In Peter's instance, the emphasis is definitely on the latter - not that the former is not still a vital piece of the puzzle.

Peter is using modern technology to take the creation of automata one step further. The fellow in the picture is the product of this new process...

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  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Great stuff!
    Am a working theatre designer, ( and sculptor/painter) tinkering away on early French style doll automata, with NO idea as to how to make/design the internals. Anxious to find anyone who can lead me thru the labyrinthine maze that is basic mechanics! Casting, sculpting, firing porcelain, no worries, hand sewing vintage lace and textiles, a doddle, but am totally flummoxed by the workings. Any tips as to where/who I might contact, greatly appreciated