Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tiny Steps

Today I bought my first tools. X-Acto knife, glues, watercolors. I have a penny plain sheet (thanks to Gigi...) that I will be trying my hand at coloring as soon as I can spare a few minutes.

But first, tomorrow I go on a field trip. I will be visiting the Institute for Regional Studies at NDSU, which is here where I live. While part of my goals tomorrow involve an ongoing family genealogy project, another main objective is to find out anything I can about local toy theatre history.

Fargo is a college town. With several universities and colleges, I've decided to take another approach in my research by contacting each of the schools' theatre departments, as well as local community theatre groups. So far, I have been able to ascertain at least one person who at one time collected and used toy theatre, and am currently awaiting a response on further contact information with their descendent(s).

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